Mother Pat's Dress

Today would have been Patricia McKennedy Greco's 83rd birthday. She was my husband Stephen's mother. See that beautiful dress that she is wearing in this photograph from 1956? This was the dress she wore to Stephen's christening that year. It was purchased by Stephen's grandmother at an upscale women's department store, the Frank R. Jelleff company in Washington, D.C. Called Jelleff's for short, the store went out of business in 1979. Stephen's mother passed away in 1980, and the dress was passed down in the family. Today, this same dress graces the shop's mannequin, Josephine, along with all those beautiful aprons that Becky makes for the shop. Although somewhat fragile, this dress retains its beautiful design and shape.

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  • Debbie Ratliff

    Wow, when I first looked at the pic I thought it was Jackie Kennedy! She really looks like her. I love vintage clothing. I am writing to say how pleased and impressed I am with the package I received today. You can bet I will be ordering again!! The charm pack, the batiks, the tea, I just say wow again. I have received such nice freebies from anyone else that I have ordered from before. The puurfect day cat fabric is gorgeous! I am just so satisfied with Grandma’s attic!! Thank you very much!! Debbie

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